Well, we all pulled together and made a supreme effort to get the house ready for the 'Housewarming' party that Harley had set in motion and I'm pretty pleased with how it all came together.

I had to dip into my savings a bit to buy a new suite but I got the bargain of the year at the secondhand furniture store and picked up a leather corner suite for next to nothing! I managed to get a few other bits of furniture for here and some new units for the kitchen too. I think it was worth it. Now we can all spread out and relax instead of all cramming onto my old 2 seater couch and single chair. We switched the kitchen and this room round and I think I like it so much better with this layout.

Harley had decided it might be fun for the housewarming to be a costume party so I altered one of my dresses and now I'm a flower fairy! I couldn't find my wings though so I'm not going to be able to flit about much! Harley outdid himself with his costume. He's been upstairs working on it all afternoon. He made his little Fred Flintstone costume a little on the short side though, I think.

We had barely enough time to get the food ready and sit a moment when the doorbell went. Daisy had gone round to collect my neighbour Vivienne and it turns out she is French, as I thought. She doesn't speak much English but knows enough to be able to work out that it was a costume party and came as a Victorian French maid! I knew Daisy would come as an animal, and I was right. A bunny! So cute.

Vivienne had brought some French chocolates as a housewarming gift and she'd also brought her very sleepy cat and Daisy was very keen to get to know him. I led everyone through to the kitchen and put the chocolates with the other things to nibble on and Vivienne's cat curled up on top of the washing machine to nap.

Harley had his eye on the chocolates from the start but all Daisy had eyes for was the spider cake I made. I know Halloween is past but I just couldn't resist making one when I saw the recipe for it in a magazine I read yesterday. I don't think Vivienne knew what to make of it all, she just sat there smiling politely.

I was just about to take my seat and choose something yummy to eat when there was another knock at the door. I couldn't think who it was but wondered if maybe Captain Hives or Mr Bubbles had decided they could come after all. I'd already heard from them both that they had other plans and wouldn't make it so I wasn't sure who could be at the door.

Harley seemed very excited about it though and leapt up shouting "COME IN" at the top of his lungs! I thought for sure Vivienne's cat would wake up with a start at the noise but he just kept on snoring. He's the sleepiest cat I've ever come across. We all waited with baited breath to see who would come round the corner and were rewarded moments later when a sparkly mermaid appeared!

It was Harley's friend Sandy that he had invited on the phone the other day. She was so beautiful! Her dress was like rainbow silk and shimmered when she moved.

I asked her to give us a twirl so we could all see her costume better and we almost clapped she was so pretty!

Just beautiful.

After we had all finished 'OOhing' and 'Aahhing' over Sandy she joined us and we all sat around laughing and eating. Vivienne did her best to keep up and we tried to include her in the chatter but I think it was hard for her. Maybe she can teach me some French and I'll teach her some English so that we can understand each other better.

When we'd all eaten more than we could handle we collapsed onto the couch and Sandy said she was sure her tummy was going to pop, she'd eaten so much. We were all in danger of falling asleep with all the food inside us and Harley looked like he was all set to sleep it off on the chair with Vivienne's cat.

I called him to one side to talk about an activity to wake us all up and suggested he go upstairs and find his ZUMBA dvd. That was sure to wake us all up! I was just in the mood to boogie about a bit to burn off all the calories I'd just eaten. I suggested to Harley he might want to go add a pair of trousers while he was up there...although it would have been a giggle to see him leaping about and zumba-ing in his Flintstone Minidress!

I'm not sure how Sandy will get on with that dress and Zumba but maybe it's more stretchy than it looks. Maybe Vivienne's cat will wake up long enough to join in too!


Second hand bargains!

Well, washing Harley's one outfit every night so it would be ready for him in the morning was wearing a bit thin so when Daisy called this moring to ask if we wanted to take a trip into town with her, I jumped at the chance. There are some great little charity/second hand shops in the village and I was sure Harley would be able to find some nice new clothes to buy. New to him at least...

Result!! We all managed to get some new gear!

Daisy chose something new to wear at the pet center she runs, and I chose a new top and trousers and a bag to match. I persuaded Daisy to get a new bag too but she says she probably won't use it much, she just shoves whatever she needs into her pockets. Harley had a great time rummaging around and was spoilt for choice, everything seemed to be in his size! He managed to get a whole new wardrobe for less than the price of a new pair of jeans! He splashed out on a new hat too and I think I like it much better than the ratty old yellow one he usually wears. He's especially pleased with his new trousers. He thinks the turn-ups at the bottom are perfect to put little bird treats in for his seagull Simon to snack on. He says that Simon won't want to stray far if he knows there's a treat or three within easy pecking distance.

Daisy and I thought we needed new hair-do's to go with our new outfits so we blow dried and straightened our hair and we even tried to get Harley to agree to letting us do his too but he wasn't keen. We almost managed to convince him to take off his hat but the phone rang just as he was relenting and he dashed to answer it, looking relieved.

Ah well, maybe next time.

I think I overheard him asking the person on the other end of the phone to come to a house warming party. I didn't even know we were having a party! Seems like I better get downstairs re-organised if we're hosting a house warming. I'll maybe ask Captain Hives to pop over and work his magic on the room makeover's. I think I want to switch the kitchen and lounge rooms over. I like a big kitchen and where it is now is a bit cramped. I suppose I'll need to make another trip into the village to check out the second hand furniture shop. The ancient couch and two odd chairs I've got will never be enough. I suppose I should see about a new bed for Harley too, if he's staying. He won't want a sleeping bag on my bedroom floor forever.

Anyway, he seems to have settled in for a lengthy conversation so I'll leave him to chat in private and make his party guest arrangements and I'll go see if the lady next door is in. The postman dropped off a parcel for her here yesterday as she wasn't there when he called. I'll maybe ask her to the party too, if she's in. She seems nice, although I've only spoken to her once. I think she's French. She's just arrived in the village and has bought the house next door to do up, like I'm doing with mine so we've got something in common already.

Hmm, no answer. It looks empty...maybe she hasn't moved in yet. I might have to keep my eye on the lane to check if she passes by. I'll leave her a note in the meantime with my number on and let her know I have her parcel from the postman.

I'll just run back and get some paper and a pen to write her note. Perhaps Harley feels like stretching his legs a bit and would pop back with it, if he's off the phone. He could take Simon out for a walk at the same time. Strange bird that one, I've never once seen it fly. I should ask Harley about Simon's story, I bet it's fascinating!

I'm fascinated to find out who his caller was too...I didn't think he knew anyone else here but Daisy and I...


Breakfast and Laundry....

How exciting! My first real post here! My sister Daisy has done a fantastic job of setting up the blog for me and I'm excited to start sharing all my new homeowner adventures.

It's such a beautiful day today and the sun coming in my bedroom window woke me up bright and early so now I'm desperate to give Fox Hollow a good going over to see it in all it's glory. I didn't really see a lot of it last night when I arrived because it was dark and I was jet lagged but today I'm dying to see into every nook and corner.

Daisy phoned earlier and was full of questions about the person she called 'The Mystery Guest'. Ha! Harley is pretty mysterious I suppose but once you get to know him he's just a great friend. People sometimes think he's a bit strange but we've been friends for a long time and he's just the sweetest person to know. I think the word for him is Eccentric.

I'm just running his clothes quickly through the washing machine and dryer because somewhere along the line he lost his luggage and he arrived with only the clothes he stood up in. Harley doesn't seem to get riled up by much though so he says he doesn't really mind losing a few garments. He says he's looking forward to a little excursion into the village anyway and he'll get some new stuff to wear then. He's hoping there's a charity shop to visit as he doesn't think new clothes are worth the money and prefers to shop at second-hand places. I hope there's a second-hand shop too actually because I can't resist rumaging around in them either in the hope of finding quirky things for my home. I love that it all has some story to it from it's previous life, even if I don't know the story I know it has one.

Anyway, I've found a pair of trousers that fit Harley and he can borrow those until his own are laundered and he gets a chance to shop for more. He also found a cape in an old trunk up in the attic and he's refusing to take it off. He says it makes him look distinguished! I don't know about that but it does suit his personality and give him an air of mystery.

I've made up a bit of breakfast so once we've had that and tidied up a bit we can start to explore the house. Maybe if we get a bit of time later we can take my dog Bo out for a stroll down into the village to see what's there and maybe call in on Daisy to introduce her to Harley. Being such an animal lover I know she's going to be blown away by Harley's pet...He has a seagull! How they met is a long story and I'll save it for another day but I know Daisy will be desperate to learn more about Simon the Seagull's Bionic leg!

First though, we have breakfast to eat and a house to explore...


The Homeowner arrives!

It seems like forever but Minnie finally arrived safe and sound last night!

REALLY late last night.

It was virtually this morning by the time she arrived but we were both too excited to sleep so we've stayed up chatting and catching up with news.

I know - she looks nothing like me. I look like our mum and she's the spitting image of our dad. (She dyes her hair I think...but if you ask her she'll tell you it's me who dyes my hair *wink* )

She brought her little pet poodle with her so Cavendish here has a friend now, when we come over to visit her. She brought another friend with her too, but they're still touring the house upstairs somewhere. Not a lot I can tell you about them at the moment...I don't really know much, they're sort of mysterious...

Minnie has been into every corner, and she's super excited with it all.

She loves it! I knew she would but it's still exciting to hear that she's so happy with what I've managed. I was able to get a few last minute pieces of furniture, but just the basics and not a lot of it matches. Now that she's here though she can take her time and get a bit at a time, as she goes.

Everyone seems like they're going to be firm friends!

I can't wait to for us all to go on a tour of the village! It's going to be so much fun, now that my sister is here!!

It's been a long day though so everyone needs some beauty sleep. We'll get a good night's sleep and see what fun tomorrow brings!

Looks like Minnie's wiped out. One minute we were giggling and chatting about plans for thing I'm talking to myself and being deafened by snores. I just feel like pulling a blanket over myself and crashing here but I'll leave Minnie to rest and head home.

I'll just take these two out for one last trip to the garden before bed. What a day it's been. As tired as I am I don't know if I'll be able to sleep! I'm just so excited that Minnie's here!! Hee!!

I can't wait to meet the 'Mystery Guest' either! They seem...interesting! I hear them in the lounge, making up a bed on the couch so I'll just slip out quietly....

This will probably be my last 'guest post' at Fox Hollow now that Minnie is here, but I've had so much fun blogging that I may have to sneak in a post here and there if she'll let me. I hope so :)


Lets call the kitchen done...Almost

Wow, this kitchen has really got under my skin. Who knew a kitchen layout could be such a trial and error fiasco?! Not me, that's for sure. If it's been moved around once it's been moved a dozen times. Not an easy feat and at one point there were all four of us here and a couple of our friends too, lugging kitchen units around to try and find a good spot for them all.

Add to that the carpentry work involved to get the stairs in....
Oh yeah...See!! We have stairs! No banisters yet, but workable stairs none-the-less.

I think it's all come together for the best now, but it has been a nightmare to get all the units in without feeling cramped while trying to accomodate the stairs.

The front door opens into the kitchen area but with a bit of jiggery-pokery we've tried to do a (sort of) seperate entryway. The door is still in the kitchen but once the understairs units have been boxed in properly it'll hopefully seem like it's divided. I think it'll be nice with a little semi-island under the stairs. We've blocked off the openplan stairs to counter top level already.

There will hopefully be a few shelves to fill in the little gaps on the entryway side, where units won't fit, to use every available space and the open counter area will make a nice little breakfast bar bit and let light flow through to the 'hallway'.

The last of the advance money has gone on a new fridge/freezer and cooker and it was money well spent. I hope Minnie likes the models I picked for her, I got a bargain buying them together from the consignment store.

Anyhoo, I've asked Hives, Mr Bubbles and Flossy over for some sandwiches and cake to thank them for all their help so far....and to sweet talk them into a little bit more help. There's a little bit of papering to be done where the lounge wall was moved, the banisters need to be put on, there's the shelving to see to and perhaps....maybe another room or three to decorate.

We're running out of time though because a little bird told me that a certain little lady is only days away! I can't believe Minnie is almost here! I can not WAIT to see her! It's been so long. I don't think we'll get much more done before she gets here but I'll try and pull out all the stops to get a bit more finished.

In the meantime, I better get through there to help scoff the sandwiches, if there's any left. I hope they've saved some room for the cake I baked and iced. I'm not the best baker and I'd never win Masterchef with what I turn out but I do my best. I love to try.

I'll just put the strawberry chocolate one in the fridge here for later and take the strawberry vanilla sponge through. Hope it tastes as good as it looks!


Taking it to the next level

Today is very exciting! Work has started upstairs. I ran all the way here, I'm that keen to see what's up there! Cavendish came too to keep me company as he didn't want to get left behind at the Pet Center so I said he could come as long as he behaved himself.

I was expecting stairs, not a bodged together ladder made out of banister. I suppose it must be sturdy enough if it held Hives' weight. I see he's moved the dividing wall too... It does look better there as it opens up the kitchen a bit, but I hope he remembers fix the wallpaper above the door.
Cavendish will have to stay down here. He's not happy about it but he'll be ok down here for a little while. I'd need another pair of hands to get both myself and him up there in one piece. I'm a bit wary of tackling it with just myself to worry about. I'll need both hands to cling on to the banister ladder, without having to worry about having a tight grip on Cavendish too.
Well, that wasn't so hard. Climbing off the ladder was the hardest part. I think getting back down might be scarier than coming up though. And, I definitely need to get my hair cut if I'm going to be doing this regularly. Hair this long is just an accident waiting to happen on a building site like this.

Yikes! Minnie asked for "Pink and girly" but it's a bit too sweet for me. She'll love it, I know she will but I'm getting a sugar rush just from looking at it. Looks like the papering has been done but the roof and paintwork is looking a bit ropey. Pity there's no room in the budget for doing that up but maybe it can be added to the 'to do' list for when Minnie gets here.

I see Hives has brought a helper with him to lay the carpet in here. That's Mr Bubbles, he runs the Bait and Tackle shop 'Hook, Line and Sinker' down in the village. He's been talking about giving that up though and trying to find a new line of work. He says the bait shop is a hinderance to him finding a girlfriend. It's stinky work and nobody wants to cuddle up next to him after a hard day at the shop. I mentioned to him that he might want to open a perfumery and he loved the idea of a shop that sells things with a nice frangrance for a change. He's even thought up a name for it... 'Soapy Bubbles'

Anyhoo, back to the house-tour. A bedroom with sliding doors out to your very own balcony. How fantastic! I'd love a room with these doors! I think the other side of the house has a balcony too...time to investigate.

Well, it doesn't look like I'll be seeing up there today. I hope that banister is gone soon, the suspense of what's up there is killing me! Never mind, there's still one room left to check out on this floor.

Oh, this would make a great office/workroom or maybe a sun room, that would be cool. I wonder what Minnie will turn it into. Maybe a craft room, she's big into crafty stuff. I'm the animal lover and she's the arty farty one.

Ooh, look...a couple of feathered friends...lets get closer...


...Closer...Ohh, their friendly!

I made a couple of new friends! A perfect end to a perfect day.

Speaking of friends, I better navigate my way down the bannister ladder and get Cavendish. It's almost dinner time and I'm sure he's going to be as hungry as I am. I might phone for take out and treat Hives and Mr Bubbles to dinner at my place for today's decorating. I wonder if they like Pizza....
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