Second hand bargains!

Well, washing Harley's one outfit every night so it would be ready for him in the morning was wearing a bit thin so when Daisy called this moring to ask if we wanted to take a trip into town with her, I jumped at the chance. There are some great little charity/second hand shops in the village and I was sure Harley would be able to find some nice new clothes to buy. New to him at least...

Result!! We all managed to get some new gear!

Daisy chose something new to wear at the pet center she runs, and I chose a new top and trousers and a bag to match. I persuaded Daisy to get a new bag too but she says she probably won't use it much, she just shoves whatever she needs into her pockets. Harley had a great time rummaging around and was spoilt for choice, everything seemed to be in his size! He managed to get a whole new wardrobe for less than the price of a new pair of jeans! He splashed out on a new hat too and I think I like it much better than the ratty old yellow one he usually wears. He's especially pleased with his new trousers. He thinks the turn-ups at the bottom are perfect to put little bird treats in for his seagull Simon to snack on. He says that Simon won't want to stray far if he knows there's a treat or three within easy pecking distance.

Daisy and I thought we needed new hair-do's to go with our new outfits so we blow dried and straightened our hair and we even tried to get Harley to agree to letting us do his too but he wasn't keen. We almost managed to convince him to take off his hat but the phone rang just as he was relenting and he dashed to answer it, looking relieved.

Ah well, maybe next time.

I think I overheard him asking the person on the other end of the phone to come to a house warming party. I didn't even know we were having a party! Seems like I better get downstairs re-organised if we're hosting a house warming. I'll maybe ask Captain Hives to pop over and work his magic on the room makeover's. I think I want to switch the kitchen and lounge rooms over. I like a big kitchen and where it is now is a bit cramped. I suppose I'll need to make another trip into the village to check out the second hand furniture shop. The ancient couch and two odd chairs I've got will never be enough. I suppose I should see about a new bed for Harley too, if he's staying. He won't want a sleeping bag on my bedroom floor forever.

Anyway, he seems to have settled in for a lengthy conversation so I'll leave him to chat in private and make his party guest arrangements and I'll go see if the lady next door is in. The postman dropped off a parcel for her here yesterday as she wasn't there when he called. I'll maybe ask her to the party too, if she's in. She seems nice, although I've only spoken to her once. I think she's French. She's just arrived in the village and has bought the house next door to do up, like I'm doing with mine so we've got something in common already.

Hmm, no answer. It looks empty...maybe she hasn't moved in yet. I might have to keep my eye on the lane to check if she passes by. I'll leave her a note in the meantime with my number on and let her know I have her parcel from the postman.

I'll just run back and get some paper and a pen to write her note. Perhaps Harley feels like stretching his legs a bit and would pop back with it, if he's off the phone. He could take Simon out for a walk at the same time. Strange bird that one, I've never once seen it fly. I should ask Harley about Simon's story, I bet it's fascinating!

I'm fascinated to find out who his caller was too...I didn't think he knew anyone else here but Daisy and I...


  1. What a delightful little story. I enjoyed reading it. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much! We had so much fun doing the photoshoot that day :D

  2. Wow very pretty and natural :)

  3. Hello from Spain!
    Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for following me, I've found your blog and it is wonderful, very cute! So I also follow you!

    I love your dolls and your miniatures, are beautiful!

    See you soon!

    1. Thank you so much Maria and thanks for following too!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Faby, and thanks for visiting too :)

  5. Hello from Spain: I saw you were in my blog dedicated to Barbies. Your blog is gorgeous. I really like your dolls house. The furnishings are all beautiful. I also love your dolls. I became a follower of your blog but my blogger does not published my photo ID. I am martamozo. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Keep in touch

    1. Thanks for visiting and following Marta! I love your Barbie blog and have you in my Google reader so that I don't miss a post :D


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