Breakfast and Laundry....

How exciting! My first real post here! My sister Daisy has done a fantastic job of setting up the blog for me and I'm excited to start sharing all my new homeowner adventures.

It's such a beautiful day today and the sun coming in my bedroom window woke me up bright and early so now I'm desperate to give Fox Hollow a good going over to see it in all it's glory. I didn't really see a lot of it last night when I arrived because it was dark and I was jet lagged but today I'm dying to see into every nook and corner.

Daisy phoned earlier and was full of questions about the person she called 'The Mystery Guest'. Ha! Harley is pretty mysterious I suppose but once you get to know him he's just a great friend. People sometimes think he's a bit strange but we've been friends for a long time and he's just the sweetest person to know. I think the word for him is Eccentric.

I'm just running his clothes quickly through the washing machine and dryer because somewhere along the line he lost his luggage and he arrived with only the clothes he stood up in. Harley doesn't seem to get riled up by much though so he says he doesn't really mind losing a few garments. He says he's looking forward to a little excursion into the village anyway and he'll get some new stuff to wear then. He's hoping there's a charity shop to visit as he doesn't think new clothes are worth the money and prefers to shop at second-hand places. I hope there's a second-hand shop too actually because I can't resist rumaging around in them either in the hope of finding quirky things for my home. I love that it all has some story to it from it's previous life, even if I don't know the story I know it has one.

Anyway, I've found a pair of trousers that fit Harley and he can borrow those until his own are laundered and he gets a chance to shop for more. He also found a cape in an old trunk up in the attic and he's refusing to take it off. He says it makes him look distinguished! I don't know about that but it does suit his personality and give him an air of mystery.

I've made up a bit of breakfast so once we've had that and tidied up a bit we can start to explore the house. Maybe if we get a bit of time later we can take my dog Bo out for a stroll down into the village to see what's there and maybe call in on Daisy to introduce her to Harley. Being such an animal lover I know she's going to be blown away by Harley's pet...He has a seagull! How they met is a long story and I'll save it for another day but I know Daisy will be desperate to learn more about Simon the Seagull's Bionic leg!

First though, we have breakfast to eat and a house to explore...


  1. HI. Welcome to the world of blogging. I enjoyed reading your first blog. It was so interesting! Thank you! (You may like to see some of my dioramas on my blog -

  2. Very nice story and pictures.
    Kiss Faby


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