Kitchen planning

I made plans to meet Hives over here bright and early this morning. He was already waiting when I got here and had thoughtfully brought some donuts to nibble on while we disussed what was needed for the kitchen decor. I've managed to get myself cosy here drinking tea, eating donuts and reading my magazine while he sorts himself out over there in the kitchen. Luckily I brought a fleecy blanket with me to wrap up in. I knew the heating hadn't been hooked up yet and it's chilly up here with the sea breezes rattling through the chinks in the windows and doors.

Hives had brought his stepladder and some samples for me but I don't think his choices will work. He means well but Minnie probably won't want a purple kitchen. I'm picking up the wallpaper as soon as the shop opens later so he'll be able to make a start on that in no time. I showed him some photo's in my magazine of what I had in mind for the kitchen and he says it's going to look very sunny in there. Perfect. That's exactly what I'm hoping for.

To keep himself busy until the wallpaper arrives he's working out what he'll need to sort out the staircase to the upper levels. The stairs that were there have had to be taken down as they were really old and wonky and were a bit of an accident waiting to happen.
He's talking about putting up a wall to divide the kitchen/living area's too. I think it'll look great as two separate area's. I'm sure he knows what he's doing but he's just checking the blueprints to see which walls are load-bearing...or something. He did tell me but I was only half listening because donut selection takes a lot of concentration...yum!

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